VTU Rejects Students Plea ! Protest Raised By Students Belagavi Chalo

VTU Rejects Students Plea

VTU well known among us for its adaptive technology. Earlier our university was circled with criticism over results delayed. This situation just keep getting repeated and which is a big concerns to all the students who were in the university. As this happens every time.

Recently there was a protest by VTU students as they are demanding on few things which is related to their academic issues. The movement which was started by the students dragged the university in to the controversies.

Go through the complete description of the article to know what are the demands of the students and what are the pleas that university rejected.

VTU Rejects Students Plea ! Protest Raised By Students Belagavi Chalo

VTU Rejects Students PleaAs per the sources we came to know that last month students of CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) started a protest across the state. The protest named ‘Belagavi Chalo’ this protest is regarding supplementary exams and an exit scheme for them too.

Once the protest raised, the official of the university convinced students that they will take a decision on this at the earliest. Academic Senate and Executive Council undergone a daylong meeting regarding the demands and concerns of the students.

Registrar of the university, HN Jagganath Reddy, who was in charge of the proceeding told that there are four major decisions which were taken by both bodies.

The registrar simply said that “CBCS students who wanted to go to 5th sem, asking for a supplementary exam.  As per the students request we asked with both bodies, where luck doesn’t work well and both the bodies rejected the request.”

Varsity had introduced a one-time exit scheme for Non-CBCS students. In the year 2014 few non-CBCS students who chose to move to CBCS scheme also demanding one time exit scheme.

Registrar says “Both the bodies have denied one-time exit scheme for students who were in Non-CBCS and went to CBCS,”

MCA students who were asking for lateral entry to second year also demanded one time exit scheme. This demand also denied by both the bodies.

There is a new updates on clearing the exams that is it has been mandated that diploma students  who entered third sem of engineering they need to clear their exams within six years.

These are the latest updates which we received from the VTU. And the information that related to demands of the students and the feedback received from the university. Hope the above information is knowledgeable.

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