VTU Postponed Even Semesters After Students Protest

There is an update from the VTU about Even semesters. The update is like VTU Postponed Even Semesters which is a good news for all the students who participated in the protest finally gained their response. As we all know that there are lots of students who participated in the protest. The agenda of the protest and clear. As huge number of students participated in the protest the university finally accepted their demand.

To know complete details about the protest, whats the reason behind the protest that all the students gathered. Apart from this the major question is how an University accepts the protest to postpone the semesters which is the major and big question? Lets check the complete information in the below detailed description

VTU Postponed Even Semesters After Students Protest

VTU Postponed Even Semesters After Students Protest

As per the sources and information over the internet that trending in these day is postpone of Even semesters by VTU due to students protest. From the sources we came to know that two days after a huge number of students from several Visvesvaraya Technological University gathered on single point to protest demanding on even semesters. That the university should postpone the ‘even’ semester examination.

Reason Behind VTU Postponed Even Semesters:

The major reason behind why the students protest on VTU even semesters is until the re-evaluation results of the ‘odd’ semester examinations were announced. In simple the university should announce the results of re-evaluation of odd semesters and then they should organised the even semesters. This year the university is really delaying the results so that the reason all the VTU students gathered on this protest.

The major point here we should notice is that the university has accepted their demand and decided to postpone the Even Semester Examinations.

The challenge that VTU noticing is that the scores of university students had received their ‘odd’ semester marks only in May and some of them said that they had not yet received any revaluation results for the said examinations.

 There is an update from the university Vice-Chancellor Karisidappa on Thursday. He said that the revaluation results of 7th and 8th semester would be announced on June 2, while the other semester revaluation results would be announced by June 11. These are the updates which was shared by the Vice-chancellor of the university.

And the reschedule dates for the B.R examinations are also announced. The final year B.E. examination, which was  earlier scheduled to start from June 5, has been rescheduled to June 12. Lower sem examination will commence from June 23.

An there is also an update on the completion of the UG and PG exams. As per the updates of the officials said that all the exams including UG and PG, theory, project, viva-voce, practical will be completed by July 31st.  And also officials announced an update on the exam timetable. Detailed exam time-table will be announced on June 3rd, said a press note from the university.

Aspirants are advised to keep an eye on the official website vtu.ac.in/ or this educational website to get updates on the exam results, exam time tables and many more. All the best to all the students who were waiting for the revaluation results and also students who were going to appear for the even semesters.