VTU 3rd Sem CBCS Results 2017 Expected Today

vtu 3rd sem cbcs results

After so much delay, finally a good news for the VTU 3rd sem students waiting for VTU 3rd Sem CBCS Results 2017. The VTU in recent notification has notified that VTU CBCS Results 3rd sem 2017 will be declared today.

The VTU 3rd sem result which was expected to be declared two months back finally got the confirmation from the university that results will declared today. Once the VTU 3rd Sem CBCS Results 2017 gets declared, you can check it out here results.vtu.ac.in.

For the VTU 1st sem results CBCS students, the guess is they have to wait few more days before they get to see their outcome. As per the recent notification, VTU 1st sem results CBCS 2017 will be declared on 26th May.

We will also soon provide you with all the details related to VTU revaluation results. Once all the VTU results are declared for the regular sem, the University will be declaring the VTU revaluation results.

Update: VTU 3rd Sem CBCS Results 2017

vtu 3rd sem cbcs results

VTU 3rd CBCS results, VTU 1st sem results and VTU 2nd sem results of non-scheme as well still remain at large to be declared after many dates notified by the VTU failed. Sources further tell that it’s all a muddle at VTU amid all the proceedings of holding crash course exams, setting a proper time table for June/July exams, and the revaluation process which is still to commence for regular batch students.

We have detailed information for all the results update related to VTU 3rd Sem Results 2017 and 4th Sem Results 2017 CBCS here on this page.

We have also detailed information for all the results updated related to VTU Results Dec-Jan 2017: 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Sem Results here on this page.

Students can expect VTU 3rd sem results, VTU CBCS results 2017 within a day or two.

Here are the VTU results expected within next few days mostly VTU CBCS results 2017: 

•VTU 1st sem results (CBCS scheme) is expected around 26th May. VTU 1st sem CBCS scheme were scheduled for 20 May, however now it has been reschedule for 26th May. You can expect VTU 2nd sem CBCS results declaration around the same time frame only.

•As per first schedule, 3rd sem results of B.E. CBCS scheme were slated for 16 May, but as usual it has been delayed again now it scheduled to be out on 23 or 24 th May.

•VTU B.E. 1st and 2nd semester non-CBCS scheme results are expected on or before 24th May, 2017.

•MBA/M.Tech/MBA results are expected around 22-25 May, 2017.

•All in all, the results announce for regular batch of B.E. and other courses as well is expected to be finished up within 10 days from now, going by VTU’s result schedule.

VTU Revaluation results 2017 Update: VTU has notified that candidates studying under crash course/extricating semester whose results were announced after April 18, can now apply for revaluation.


    • Hi Sanjeev the results is expected today that is 24 th May keep checking results.vtu.ac.in for updates

  1. Dear Sir,
    My son failed in five subjects and one lab test in the first and 2nd semesters. But he attended reexamination for the failed subjects and lab during the time of Dec 2016 – Jan 2017.
    Actually before 3rd semester he has to pass the failed exams of the first and 2nd semester.But very sorry to inform you that till now his results are not published.
    His R.No is . 4Mt15ME168(Vishnu Saseendran)
    Please let me know the result ASAP

    Thanks & regards

    0097155 2242 906

    • Hi Saseendran,

      The result is expected today. Yon can check the result here results.vtu.ac.in by entering the you son USN no.

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