Top 10 Tips to Crack NEET 2018

top 10 tips to crack neet 2018

Every year Lakh of students who aspire to do carrier in medical field apply for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test i.e NEET. This exam plays a vital role in every Medical student to get jobs in medical sector. So don’t worry If you haven’t started preparing till now. The following Article will give you Top 10 Tips to Crack NEET through which you can boost your preparation.

As we all know nothing is impossible. If you work on your short comes nothing will be as tough as you think. Scoring well is NEET is possible only with dedicated Practice  & revision. If you want to crack the upcoming Medical test surely check out these tips and implement in your practice sessions too.

So here is our list of Top 10 Tips to Crack NEET 2018

top 10 tips to crack neet 2018

  1. Get complete knowledge of exam syllabus.

As we all know NEET syllabus is too vast like an ocean. So in order to get proper details about the syllabus try to find out the exact place for excellent output. Try to focus on important topics than extra information. As NEET syllabus is fixed by NCERT you can also verify it through NCERT textbooks. It’s possible that common chapter which you have covered earlier are included and will be easy to prepare them. This practice will help you to focus more on a topic, which you have not covered and saved your time.

Important Focus Areas where you should work on are as follows: 

In Physics – Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Optics.

In Chemistry – Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, & Coordination Chemistry.

Biology- Ecology and Environment, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction, and Physiology of Plants and Animals, Genetics, Basics of Biotechnology etc.

  1. Learn through Good study material

This is one of the most important elements in every examination. We suggest you to study through good study material. In order to know about study material take help of professors, online available articles. You may also take help of candidates who have successfully cleared NEET Previously. In order to know about such experts, you can watch interviews of experts, NEET Toppers and try to adopt small changes, which will help you in your preparation. Candidates should also try to solve previous year question papers and take an online mock test to improve your speed.

  1. Create an effective study plan

As we, all know time waits for no one. So, try to utilize your time properly and channelize your time in a proper way. Try to set small & realistic goals and try to complete it at a fixed time. Completing your goals in fixed time will make you confident and achieve other goals too. Try to make a schedule and distribute your chapters in such a way that you complete your portion a week before the exam.

  • Start Working on weaker areas

Various times candidates are strong in some subject and weak in other subjects. So, In order to score well also try to work on your weaker sections and make them strong. If needed take help of your friends, professors or take extra classes if required. Strengthening your weakness will surely help you in building your confidence.

  1. Practice mock test papers

One of the most vital parts of the NEET exam is to complete the exam in 3 hours. So, Try to give Mock Test which helps you to know your short comes and increase your speed. Candidates have to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes. To complete paper in meantime solve the previous year question paper and focus on FAQ i.e frequently asked questions too.

  1. Take Regular Study Breaks

As we, all know that Humans are not machines. So, It’s necessary to take timely rest to start studying in a fresh mood. It is impossible to concentrate on studies without any proper rest. Also, keep in mind that do not stretch your breaks too long. We can include various activities in a break like a small Walk, Trip to the gym, A small chat with friends etc.

  1. Make Use of New Technologies

It not necessary that you must only make use of traditional methods of studying. You may make effective use of Social media like blogs, mobile app, too. In today’s worlds, all the important details about examinations are available online. So, you can also try to learn new technology make proper use of them.

  • Do not fall prey to guessing

Many of us have a tendency of answering the questions by just guessing even if we do not know the correct answer. This practice is too risky, as it will decrease your marks if there is negative marking scheme.  Therefore, we suggest you to stop answering the questions if you are not sure about it.

  • Take care of your Health 

As its said Health is everything. Give importance to your health too. Plan your meals and sleeps and balance them properly. Balancing your health will make you happier and productive. Instead of eating oily and junk foods, switch to healthy food. Do practice Yoga and Meditation to improve your Mental Health

  1. Be Positive

Keep your attitude positive, as it will be effective in your studying process. Do not possess negative approach to you as it will demoralize you and can create hurdle in your learning process. The moment you start thinking positively, your brain will show greater activity and helps you to find ideas that are more productive.

We hope that our article about Top 10 Tips to Crack NEET will surely help you to crack the NEET Exam easily & hassle free.