Protest By VTU Students On VTU Exam System | Results Delay

Protest By VTU Students On VTU Exam System

Protest By VTU Students On VTU Exam System: Examination pattern, result announcements and many more huddles were faced by VTU students. After a constant results delay students have lost their patience and decided to protest against University.

Yes, students of Visvesvaraya Technological University have decided to protest against VTU. They also scheduled the protest this month along with the date. The agenda behind this protest is that the student of the university forced hundred of students to write two exams a day and 16 in 50 days.

And also delay in the results, making announcement and missing the announcements dates these all resulted loosing control and decided to protest.

Go through the below description to know more about the protest in detail along with the dates and what affects when then protest against university.

Protest By VTU Students On VTU Exam System | Results Delay

Protest By VTU Students On VTU Exam SystemThere are different problems that were faced by the university students. When we came to discuss with one of the student of VTU he stated that ‘ During the exams on June 10 and July 25 and on three days that student wrote two exams each day. This gives them so much pressure. Apart from this the result announcement timings, yes, university announce results around midnight or after that. How a student can check the result at that time and attend for exam on next day at 9AM.’

Another major problem with the university is results declaration.  The results of the December-January 2016-17 examinations were announced after five months.

It meant that till they wrote the next semester exams, students didn’t knew whether they had passed the previous semester exams or not. However, they collect all examination fees in advance and they stated that they will refund the money if they clear the exam. No refund for any subject has been made yet stated by one of the student.

On an around 16,000 students filed a petition against VTU’s year-back and critical year back provision for Non-choice based credit system (Scheme 2010) demanding it be rolled back, and also a new provision of supplementary exams to be implemented for CBCS (Scheme 2015) students.