Officers For Varsity ! New Hiring By VTU VC ! Latest Updates

Officers For Varsity

Officers For Varsity : Visvesvaraya Technological University is the technical university which will be first on the google pages based on various reasons. Sometimes it faces allegations on delay results and other times academics. Whatever may be the reason it always hits the top pages.

Today again VTU came into picture. As per the headlines you guys almost came to an understanding that new officers are being appointed by the VTU VC. You guys may think that what is there in this but how about from the sources we came to know that they appointed 31 members for varsity.

You may think what is this varsity it is like a principle team. These official will involve in the administrative works. The other highlighted aspect in this recruitment is that the salary package offered to them.

Please find all the details and salary details in the below description. And also check what are the statements released by VTU VC on this. Find the complete details below.

Officers For Varsity ! New Hiring By VTU VC ! Latest Updates

Officers For VarsityThere are some rumors in which we came to know that though VTU facing cash crunch still they recruited 31 candidates silently and that to with out governments approval.

Out Of these 31 officials, 16 are paid more than Rs 1 lakh as salary per month where as other 15 were paid near to 1 Lakh. We also came to know that the highest payment of these official is 1.8 lakh per month.

On this Professor Karisidappa, Vice-Chancellor, VTU says like this ‘ These all allegations which we are highlighting these were made by the inner circles of the university officials. He also notified that University does need special officers, but 16 is too high. He informed that after he took charge as VTU’s VC he reduced the number of posts which were unnecessary’.

Questions on the salaries, we are paying all our officers according to a revised pay scale, said by VC.

Information on the special officers appointment, the VTU has appointed three special officers from gov engg colleges. For these officials the government is bearing their salary. says VTU VC.

He also says the he can give the all the statistics from the beginning on these. He also highlighted that they have reduced the number of employees for this also he can give report once they done with administrative work.

These are the details which was shared by the VTU VC on the allegations and the rumors which were running around.

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