New VTU Rule: Theory papers 60 per cent and internal 40 Per cent

VTU new rule

After facing a lot of flak from the VTU students community, we are finally seeing some changes from the VTU. After introducing one time exit system, the university is going to introduced new rule wherein VTU plans on replacing the existing 80:20 system with a 60:40 system.Under the new pattern, though theory exams would be conducted for 100 marks, it would be calculated for 60 marks. And now the weightage of internal marks would be 40.

New VTU Rule: Theory papers 60 per cent and internal 40 Per cent

VTU new ruleAlthough, this is great news, most of the students have concern that as some of them have not good equation with their lecturer so there is a chance that lecturer awarding of internal marks done in a discriminatory manner might have a greater effect.

Now as the new rule is going to be implemented soon, it is expected that students will attend the classes very seriously. Now students will be give more importance to attendance and not indulge in anti-university activities, VTU officials said.

The university has already made the new pattern available and it will communicated to the colleges soon.Over 250 in Karnataka which are recognized by VTU will get the benefit from it. Autonomous engineering colleges have a system where both internal and theory carry equal marks. “As autonomous colleges award equal marks for practical and theory, the performance of students studying in the former is better compared to our students,” said Dr Karisiddappa Vice-Chancellor, VTU.

Statement of Bengaluru Principle

“It had been one of the students’ demands to adopt the 60:40 pattern as autonomous colleges have been following the same. Our students feel that a system where more marks are awarded by their own faculty would help them score better,” principal of a Bengaluru-based government engineering college said.

In other decision taken last month, the university has introduced One time exit system, to help non-CBCS candidates clear their engineering in case they have more back papers. We are also expecting some new VTU rule will be introduced in coming days. So, far it has been a good year for VTU students. Al though it has taken a lot of time to bring new changes but it will many students.