HEERA – The UGC and AICTE Merger Soon


HEERA – The UGC and AICTE Merger

Heera-UGC-Aicte-mergerThe University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) are soon going to be a thing of the past with the government planning to replace them with a single higher education regulator. The proposed Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency (HEERA) is aimed at eliminating overlaps in the jurisdiction and remove irrelevant regulatory provisions.

Currently, the authority has been prudent in a row except to guarantee that HEERA will eliminate overlaps in an area and confiscate beside the point authoritarian provisions. If bygone pondering is any indication, the new mass will boast three separate wings commerce with academics, certification and grants. However, in the fascination of uniformity, it ought to as well haul up management of external teaching providers as ably as make the certain shrewd closure of poorly the stage institutions. Universities such as JK Lakshmipat University, Manipal University, etc. which are under the University Grants Commission and Universities such as DY Patil University, Pune, as Nirma University Ahmedabad etc. are under AICTE.

HEERA aims to take strong action when needed and end the UGC’s “inspector raj and harassment”. Officials had commented that separating technical and non-technical education is “outmoded and out of sync” with the rest of the world and that a single regulator would result in better outcomes.

The government is planning to scrap the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and replace them with a common regulator which is being called Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency (HEERA).

As per reports, the new regulations will be “short and clean” and will focus on outcomes by defining the minimum standards. Officials had commented that separating technical and non-technical education is “outmoded and out of sync” with the rest of the world and that a single regulator would result in better outcomes. The HRD ministry is working with Niti Aayog on the plan of bringing technical as well as non-technical institutions under the same umbrella.

Here are a few cited reasons for the introduction of HEERA which shall break the monopoly and superiority of the present ruling and conduct authorities of UGC and AICTE.

  • To introduce better regulatory provisions and eliminate unruly ones
  • To break the superiority and discretion in the hands of UGC and AICTE
  • To suppress criticism related to poor and bad handling of Indian Education System
  • To incorporate structured draft catering to previous shortcomings and anomalies
  • To bring all Technical and Non-technical institutions of repute under one umbrella
  • Quality assessment and better-ranking criteria with NAAC accreditation collaboration.

Even though the specifics of the functions the lion’s share will be high and mighty are calm nature worked out, it is predictable to eliminate the overlaps in the power and delete immaterial authoritarian provisions. It will lead to the government of equally precise and non-technical senior teaching institutions under one umbrella. Agreed how equally UGC and AICTE bear been plainly criticized for their pitiable managing of superior learning accordingly far, HEERA is possible to be structured in a mode that addresses their precise deficiencies.

The manifold sets of policy and sub-regulations prescribed by UGC and AICTE, unfortunately, appear to engage in acted as a deterrent to the happening of the head of government edifying institutions. In attendance has long been a necessitate for revolutionizing in the regime governing advanced teaching in India. Manufacturing players orate that in attendance has been not very opportunity for concern change in the area, as majesty establishment bewail the inconvenience they obtain faced in enforcing overlapping, regularly complicated compliance. Further, the separation between the principles governing scientific and non-technical edification is seen as needless and illusory. Therefore, the time is seasoned for on its own unified ability for the rule of privileged culture in the country.