Abolish Year Back System Demands From VTU Students

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VTU Students: Again Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is under pressure. As the results from the university took a lot of time to gets updated and many postpones and fake promises on results which made the students angry. Now there is new news circulating which is viral. Now VTU in news again due to its Year Back system.

Yes, there is new update from the university on Year Back System. Students of university are fighting against on this. Lets check the complete article to know what the exact issue and what actually happening.

Abolish Year Back System Demands From VTU Students

As said now Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is on front pages of news again because the students of the university demanding the roll-back of ‘year-back’ system (VTU Year-Back System) . The reason behind why the students wants the Year Back system explained by one of the student Mahesh. The student said, “If I clear all papers and have just a single paper backlog from the first year, I have to wait, attend a crash course and repeat the year or just lose a year altogether. As per the students point of view wasting a year only for one paper is totally unfair. We should be allowed to get into the next semester and by end of the course, we will eventually complete it.”

University students demanding the ‘year-back’ system scrapped for both the crash course students and regular students for academic year 2017. This demand has been started by students from the day they came to know about this. And the students want the vice-chancellor to involve in this issue and sort out as soon as possible before it goes beyond the control.

However, VTU Vice-chancellor named Karisiddappa, stated to the educational media on this, “I request students to go through VTU guidelines carefully. Basically, what students are asking is, allow them to appear for the next year though they have many backlogs. We can’t just do it. This is not fair on students’ part as well. If students have backlogs, it is a real burden for them.”

“He also states that The eligibility of moving to further semesters is, students who clear 1st and 2nd semesters and if they have failed in not more than four subjects then they will be allowed to 5th semester. Students who enter the 7th semester should clear all the paper from 1 to 4th semester and should not have failed in more than four subjects. There is something called, very critical subjects. This directly states that, students must and should clear 1st and 2nd semester completely without any backlogs to enter the 5th semester. This is what students have been following it. We cannot do away with this system.” These are the statements given by the VC of the University.

In result with the statements said by VC of university, Students claim that this is unfair as the crash course, which was introduced six months ago, is actually causing more trouble.

Another student from the university says , “All crash course students are now writing more than 16 subjects plus previous backlogs subjects in just two months which is ideally tough for a student. He says that most colleges did not follow the VTU guidelines, and no classes were taken.

VTU Year-Back System

He says that the other colleges are supposed to write odd semester exams in study holidays for regular students and even semester exams with regular students. That means, eight subjects from odd semester plus eight subjects from the even semester as well as previous backlogs.”
On this VC of the university said, “We cannot take away the crash course system. Ideally, they were having four months before the other semester begins, by taking up crash course, they can eventually finish their exams and continue their fresh semesters easily and there will not be any confusion. ”

“We have a record of more than 20,000 students who have graduated without any hassle because of the introduction of crash course. I do not think this should be considered as a burden,” added VC.

However, these are the conversations which are taking place between the students and the VC of the VTU university. Let’s wait and see further whats going to happen in future.